ESRGAN Models - Complete List

Complete list of my public ESRGAN models.

Complete archive including old and obsolete models: Models Archive

Upscalers & Filter Models - Artifact Removal:

Model: 1x Jaywreck3-Lite
Function: Removal of compression artifacts, even if an image was compressed multiple times
Variations: Default, Soft (Denoising)
Link: Download

Model: 1x FarthestNeighbor
Anti-Aliasing, and making Nearest Neighbor filtered images look like Mitchell filtered images
Link: Download

Model: 2x/4x UpGIF
Function: Improved version of UpGif, is able to deal with more dithering types and comes in both 4x and 2x variants
Link: Download

Upscalers - Real-World:

Model: 4x/8x Superscale
Function: Perfect upscaling of clean (artifact-free) real-world images
Variations: Default, Artisoft (Anti-Artifact & Denoising), Artisoftject (Anti-Artifact, Denoising, Noise Injection)
Link: Download

Model: 4x Siax
Function: Universal upscaler for clean and slightly compressed images (JPEG quality 75 or better), based on CX loss + PatchGAN
Link: Download

Upscalers - Anime/Manga/2D Art:

Model: 4x YandeRe
Function: Color anime/manga/cartoon upscaling and artifact removal
Variations: v2 (Sharp, more generative), v4 (Slightly softer, fewer artifacts)
Link: Download

Model: 2x/4x YandereNeo
Function: Art upscaling and artifact removal. Trained on clean and compressed images. Less prone to artifacts compared to UltraYandere.
Variations: Default (Lite), Full-Size (XL)
Link:** Download

Model: 8x Typescale
Function: Upscaling low-resolution, possibly compressed text. Exclusively trained on text/typography.
Link: Download

Upscalers - Pixel Art:

Model: 8x YanderePixelart
Function: Upscaling of pixel art or extremely low-res cartoon images
Variations: Default, DeDither
Link: Download

Model: 8x Sphax
Stylized upscaling of pixel art, with improved structural stability
Variations: Default, DeDither
Link: Download

Upscalers - Textures:

Model: 4x Sourcetex
Function: Upscaling of textures, especially for grungy/dirty/rough ones
Variations: 6 Variations (Clean/Anti-Artifact with 3 smoothness levels each)
Link: Download

Upscalers - Faces:

Model: 8x Faces
Function: Upscaling of uncompressed (!) faces with very low resolution (trained on 64x64)
Link: Download

Experimental - Inpainting

Model: 1x YandereInpaint
Function: Inpaints/fills green (#00FF00) pixels, can be used to remove watermarks, censors, etc.
Link: Download