Welcome to nmkd.de, which is just a little domain hosting some hobby-related stuff.

Originally I only used it as a DNS name so I wouldn't need to remember my server's IP address, but eventually I added more services running on it as well as a webserver showing you what you see now.

This website is powered by Pico, an ultra-lightweight CMS that simply renders Markdown files instead of HTML (which is what a bare webserver without a CMS does). I ended up using Pico because I was tired of how crappy raw HTML editing is and how bloated Wordpress is for this purpose. Seriously, is there any theme that's not for blogging?

You might want to visit Thaumiel Games if you're interested in my game dev projects.

Services & Admin Access

Links to services running on this server.

Shared Files Browser - Public, powered by DirectoryLister
MySQL Server - Adminer, or alternatively phpminiadmin
Git Server - Gitea (Apache reverse-proxied)
FTP Server - FileZilla

Feel free to tell me if there's a security hole in any of those services, because I have no idea if that's the case. At least all web apps use HTTPS. An no, I don't use admin/admin for any of the logins.